UltraFast Fibre Internet

Ultrafast, uncapped internet with our top notch service, we will always do the best to ensure that you are satisfied.

no limits

Uncapped Internet

All of our FTTH and FTTB internet packages are unshaped and not throttled. We believe the internet should be experienced without limitations or having to worry about the dreaded monthly data cap.


Our quality service promise

To live up to our high standards and ensure you receive the best and efficient service, we’ve created the Blueoptic compensation guideline. We will compensate you should any of the following occur:



Delayed activation


Prolonged service outages


Missed delivery dates

Please note, no compensation will apply for orders that are delayed due to client unavailability and incorrect details supplied.


12 months Loyalty rewards program

Our passion for our clients makes us go further – doing more, and providing you with leading services and products. Stay with us for 12 months of service without any cancellations and get your once off router delivery and activation fee of R598.00 back into your pocket.

In order to access the rewards simply:

sign up with us

Stay connected for 12 months without terminating service

Claim your reward on the 13th month.

To ensure that the claiming process is impeccable, our systems will generate a notice to alert our consultants at the end of your 12 months. One of our qualified consultants will contact you to help you with your claim.

In addition to our top notch service and reward benefits

 We simplify your sign up process by making sure you sign up easily and quick. No fuss, No credit checks and no catches are all hallmarks of Blueoptic service experience.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


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